180 Fun and Engaging Icebreaker Questions for Virtual Meetings

This icebreaker is a great way to get to know one another while having fun with the other team members. This is a great icebreaker idea for pulling people out of their shells and practicing their non-verbal communication. Playing a game with your staff might sound childish at first, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun now and then — especially if it helps bring your team together. Depending on the nature of your job, remote work might be your future.

The person coming up with the right movie name first after every clip is played becomes the winner of that particular round. The host needs to make sure that the movie’s name is not revealed in any clip. After every scene, all the participants need to guess the name of the movie via the Zoom chat box feature. Once this is done, all the members need to make a note of the birthday months of their team members.

What makes a good virtual icebreaker?

When your list is ready, create a Zoom meeting invite and send out the invite with a link to your Watch2Gether. Have your employees stay on mute unless it is their turn to perform and use the chat to share the line up and give each other praise for their performance. Pictionary is a team building classic and for good reason. By taking it remotely, your employees will also get the benefit of seeing what their coworkers have laying around the house. Working remotely means our personal and work lives are more intertwined than ever.

Here are the top 10 show and tell questions to help break the ice. Adding an element of recognition and appreciation within the team is also a great way to boost morale. Check out these examples for productivity boosting ice breakers. These shouldn’t be rushed, so make sure you leave enough icebreakers for virtual meetings time for genuine conversation around the answers during the meeting. Looking for a virtual meeting activity that is guaranteed to raise some smiles? The Happiness Exercise is an incredibly simple invitation for people to share happy experiences in a breakout and discuss them in small teams.

Make Your Meetings More Enjoyable with Icebreakers

As you kick off your meeting, ask your teammates to post their highlights in an open text poll. Then, display the highlights on the screen, and give a shout-out to each one. Crowdsource your colleagues’ personal or professional highlights from the last week or month. These are great if you https://remotemode.net/ want to surprise your participants with a fun little activity and enjoy some bonding time. After people submit their answers, ask volunteers to share how they voted and why. Simply ask your participants a thought-provoking ‘this or that’ poll question with two options to choose from.

This activity is a quick and simple way to get meeting attendees quickly warmed up by simply asking them to take a picture of their shoes and share it with the group. Set a time limit and encourage creativity – wacky shoes or fun photographs are absolutely encouraged. Virtual team ice breakers can also be effective ways to catch up and save time later in the meeting. A quick check-in round can help surface issues, wins and potential discussion points.

Effective Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings

The participants must not speak during the entire exercise. If the players are unfamiliar with the animal’s sounds, then they may use gestures to describe the animals. However, at no other time during the game should both groups do the same action. To play this game, participants will remain silent as they act out a word or sentence.

If you have a certain theme or purpose for icebreakers, add it to create a more tailored set of questions. Explore 17 of the most fun virtual icebreakers for online meetings, creative and effective ideas and games to connect your team better. By including these interesting icebreaker questions for virtual meetings, you can create a welcoming and relaxed work environment. So, next time you log into a virtual meeting, why not give these icebreakers a try? Your colleagues will appreciate the effort, and you might be surprised by the positive impact it has on your team dynamics. These icebreaker questions for virtual meetings can be used in a variety of ways in a virtual setting.

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