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One-third of the commission received is in respect of work to be done next year. Funds collected as advance received from a customer are treated as a liability. Ms Alexa received the commission in advance 25,000 in the month of December 20×5, but the same relates to the month of January 20×6. In the month of December 20×1, Mr Michael received professional fees in advance 50,000 which relates to the month of January 20×2. After Jones Corporation delivers the goods or services, it will debit Deferred Revenue for $10,000 and will credit Sales Revenues or Service Revenues for $10,000.

  • Accountants will state that the company is deferring the revenue until it is earned.
  • In the normal course of business, some of the expenses may be paid in advance.
  • So, in this case, the commission received 25,000 will be taxed in the accounting period Jan-Dec 20×5 itself.
  • It will be taxed in the period Jan-Dec 20×2, as it belongs to January 20×2.

In a way, this is the opposite of deferred revenue, which records revenue for services or products yet to be delivered. Accrual accounting records revenue for payments that have not yet been received for products or services already delivered. Deferred revenue is common with subscription-based products or services that require prepayments.

Example – Journal Entry for Commission Received in Advance

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If the accrual system of accounting is followed then income received in advance will be not be taxed in the period of receipt. It is the top line of the income statement, which represents the normal course of operation. The revenue will be reduced by the cost of goods sold and other expenses related to business operations. The remaining balance will be classified as profit for the company. Assume that Jones Corporation received $10,000 from a customer on December 31 for work that will be done in the following month.

Question 2

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Adjusting Entry for Unearned Income or Revenue

For insurance, a trade received rent @ Rs 200 per month for a full year ending on 31st March 2005 but his Final Accounts are prepared for the year ending on 31st December 2004. As per accrual based accounting the revenue is earned at this step i.e. when the final product is ready for delivery. An invoice is sent to the customer, consequently, the customer advance shown as a liability on the balance sheet is removed. So, in this case, professional fees received in advance will not be taxed in the accounting period Jan-Dec 20×1.

Definition of Revenue Received in Advance

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Let’s assume that in the month of March 10,000 are received in advance for rent, the rent actually belongs to the month of April. It is a personal account and is shown on the liability side of a balance sheet. Ex- If the Commission for the month of July is received in the month of June, that commission will be termed as Unearned Commission. IRS Free File will open Jan. 12, 2024, when participating software am i eligible for the earned income tax credit companies will accept completed tax returns and hold them until they can be filed electronically with the IRS. IRS Free File Guided Tax Software, available only at, is available to any taxpayer or family with Adjusted Gross Income of $79,000 or less in 2023. The IRS on Monday said that it will be updating its Where’s My Refund tool to provide more detailed information to taxpayers.

Funds collected as advance received from a customer are treated as a liability because the related revenue has not been earned by the business yet. Similar adjustments may be needed for income, such as rent receivable. Income received in advance (i.e. deferred income) is a liability and should be included alongside accruals for unpaid expenses, thereby changing the heading to ‘Accruals and deferred income’. Income in arrears (i.e. accrued income) is an asset which should be included with prepayments using the heading ‘Prepayments and accrued income’. Deferred revenue is recognized as a liability on the balance sheet of a company that receives an advance payment.

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